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Located in Rocca Grimalda, this provencial 2-bedroom apartment is perfect for couples on a romantic getaway. Situated close to the village center, this apartment also has a shared garden to lounge. The picturesque and charming towns like Genoa (60 km south), Turin (130 km west), and Milan (112 km north) for its Duomo di Milano, are a road-trip away from the apartment. This tastefully decorated apartment is well-furnished with amenities to aid a comfortable stay. This apartment features an open kitchen, a living room, and a shared garden to relax. The nearest airport is Novi Ligure Airport, which is 24 km away from the apartment.

HOSPITALITY Staying in the charming apartments in the castle's inside, returned to the ancient brightness, means to revisit entire centuries of history or reinterpreting them with the original touch of the Masters of contemporary art and design. The guests can use the pool of a near private residence. On request, we suggest cooking, gardening and painting lessons. THE TERRITORY Rocca Grimalda is a town of Alto Monferrato, vast but with a little historical centre, perfectly preserved. Located half-way between the seaside and the mountains, it is known by everyone who loves good wine and natural trails. In fact, a traditional trail is the "Cammino di Santa Limbania", a path which connects Genoa to Low Piedmont. "Esultante di castella e vigne" (exultant with castles and vineyards): that is the perfect definition given by the Italian poet Giosuè Carducci of the territory in which Rocca Grimalda is located, the Monferrato. Its hills offer a great variety of landscapes, environments and farms; in the north, near the Pianura Padana, these are characterized by vast vineyards or dominated by a tower, a castle or a lonely chapel, while the hills that descend towards the South, near the Appennino Ligure, show harsher landscapes, and the vineyards give way to groves and woods. Also the terrain is varied, from place to place, from hill to hill: it changes its colour, its consistence, its chemical composition. The "Strada del Vino" (Wine Route) and the "Percorso dei Castelli" (Castles Route), signalled by the street signs, are an efficient guide to reach the destination. THE HISTORY Located in a point overlooking the vast Valle dell'Orba and much sought-after for its highly strategic position, the castle was disputed between the commune of Alessandria, the Republic of Genoa and the Marquisate of Monferrato during the Middle Age. Its constrtuction was developed during the centuries around the imposing circular tower that dates back to the early 13th century. The core of the first castle is made of a polygonal structure built around the tower and destined to host the guards who watched over Valle dell'Orba. In 1431, when the area was occupied by the troops of the Duke of Milano, Filippo Maria Visconti, the castle was assigned to Gian Galeazzo Trotti, who used to lead soldiers of fortune for the Duke. With the Trotti family of Alessandria, the building was transformed into an aristocratic residence and the town was named Rocca De' Trotti thereafter. In 1570, the stronghold was bought by Battista Grimaldi, a Genoese noble whose family held the property of the castle for over 200 years, completing its construction at the end of the XVIII century with the great western wall face and the building of the roof garden that overhangs Valle dell'Orba. The influential and long-lasting presence of the Grimaldi's family , changed the town's name again, making it become finally Rocca Grimalda. THE GARDEN The garden dates back to the mid 18th century when Battista Grimaldi III, after building the imposing western wall face, decided to enlarge the castle forecourt creating a beautiful panoramic viewpoint on the Valle dell'Orba. Recently restored and listed among the historical gardens of the Piedmont region, the garden has three different features: the Italian-style garden, the grove or romantic garden and the secret garden, or the cloistering-medieval space. The Italian-style garden is fine and harmonious: old stone sculptures and a spurting fountain alternate themselves on the lawn, enriched by boxwood cones, cut according to the rules of the Ars Topiaria. The grove or romantic garden offers relaxing moments of solitude in the hot season of the year. Thanks to the Lebanon cedars, the oaks and the cypresses, the place is surrounded by shade. The restoration of the garden mostly concerned the cloistering-medieval area, which was made as a tribute to the ancient origins of the castle. PLACES AND ACTIVITIES Shopping Serravalle Scrivia: Outlet Designer: 180 famous fashion boutiques - Acqui Terme, Alessandria, Novi Ligure: boutiques and antique shops Valenza: gold Campoligure (Ge): filigree Rocca Grimalda: typical foods: wine, cold cuts, cheese, macaroons Silvano d'Orba: cramp - tastings Sport Golf:, , tel.+39 0143 467 355, , tel. +39 0143.342264 Swimming pools: Water theme park of Castelletto dell'Orba: Pool of Capriata d'Orba (11 km): tel. 335 5962276 Pool of Trisobbio (8 km): 0143 871373 Beaches: River beaches (Molare, Olbicella) Liguria - west coast at 40 km > Genova Ventimiglia (A10 highway) Liguria - east coast at 40 km > Genova Voltri - Portofino -5 terre > Livorno (A12 highway) Trekking and biking in the hills and between vineyards:; Cities to visit, museums, walkabouts Acqui Terme - Elegant thermal town, rich of hotels, swimming pools and health centres Alessandria - Museums and citadel (huge military stronghold) - shopping Bosco Marengo - Santa Croce complex (end of 16th century), Vasari's fresco paintings Private and public castles: , Gavi: large military fort of the Republic (17th century). Genoa - at 50 km - An interesting city with a glorious past: museums, palaces, historical centre, ancient harbour, aquarium. Strada Nuova's Museum ( and Aquarium ( And also, on the west and east coast, well furnished beaches and welcoming towns, sun, sea, food and music. Marengo: napoleonic museum ( Novi Ligure: Interesting historical centre with painted wall faces, built at the start of the 1500 for the families of Genoese origins. Museum of the champions (biking). Shopping. Ovada: the nearest town (5 km), has many food supermarkets, a nice historical centre, sport facilities, cinemas and theatre, banks and hospital Portofino and Cinque Terre: boat excursion from Genoa ( Sezzadio (AL): S.Giustina abbey - about 12 km from Ovada - Founded in 722 by the Longobard King Liutprando, beautiful fresco paintings of the 14th century (, , tel. 0131. 708004)

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On the 1st floor: (open kitchen, Living/diningroom, bedroom(double bed), bedroom(2x single bed), bathroom(shower, washbasin, toilet)) garden(shared with the the owner and other guests)

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